Reasons Why You Should Use Height-Adjustable Desks

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend sitting? Do you remain seated for a period shorter or longer than half a day? For most people, they’re sitting more than they should. On average, a person in the UK sits up to 12 hours a day—more than 85% of the time they spend at work.

Because long hours of sitting can negatively affect an individual’s health, people are searching for ways to shorten it. In Scandinavia, they learned about the positive effects sit-stand desks, so 80% of office workers are now using them. Meanwhile, it’s expected for an employer to provide sit-stand desks in Denmark. Despite these numbers and the people agreeing to the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing for working positions, only 1% of the individuals in the UK have access to height-adjustable desks.

To learn more about sit-stand desks, turn to Posidesk. We’ll share with you some of their benefits based on an SBFI ergonomics study.

  • posidesk sit stand desks improve health

    Making You Feel Healthier

  • posidesk sit-stand desks boost productivity

    Increasing Work Productivity

  • posidesk 12 hours a day sitting

    Find Out How Much Time You Spend Sitting

    If you want an estimate of the amount of time you spend seated, you can use the sitting calculator of Get Britain Standing. Contact us for any questions.